Here you will find a collection of articles about archaeology. Starting with the history of this beautiful science, the first sites and findings that influenced the perception of people on the past, to the most important sites discovered over time and the different branches archaeology is divided into. All this will surely be precious information for the enthusiasts of knowledge.

You will understand the importance of the Rosetta Stone in ancient Egypt, discovered in a campaign led by Napoleon, but also about the terracotta army of the first Chinese Emperor. The subject of artifacts and human remains are addressed too.

An entire page about restoration types that are to be applied in the excavation sites or the objects of the human activity in the past will make you look differently at monuments and exhibits in a museum.

A brief description of paleoanthropology will reveal the facts about the dispute about human evolution from the primate family. Biblical archaeology, on the other end of the spectrum, is in charge of studying and enumerating creationism theory and doing research about the existence of places, cities and regions named in the Bible and similar holy books.

Underwater archaeology invites you to dive deep at the bottom of the oceans, seas and rivers in search for clues and traces about the past civilisations that lived in the proximity of water or the exploration of wrecks, in search of technologies existent in the past or causes of accidents that led to sinking of certain ships.